Cute and Easy Back to School Girl Hairstyle Ideas for Your Kids


Preparing little girls for school often leaves limited time to do the hair properly. While a simple ponytail may be enough, there are various hairstyles for girls that are easy to do. Here are some cute, easy hairdo options to welcome school days in style.

  1. Half-half hairstyle with colorful clip


Take half section of the hair (the top) and tease it a little with a brush to give volume. Bring it together to the back and secure it with a colorful hairclip. For variation, twist the top part of the two sections, secure them in the back, and let the rest of the hair tumbling loose.


Braided pigtails are common hairstyles for little girls, but you can make them more stylish and easier to create at the same time. Instead of tight pigtails, create a loose braid on each side of the head. You can pull some strands a little to make the braids loose. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with wavy hair.

  1. High puff tail

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with curly hair, especially if the curls are small. A high, puffy tail is cute and easy at the same time. Apply moisturizer on the hair, and “collect” the hair on top of the head by combing it from front and back. Create a tail or bun on top. Secure it with elastic decorative twine or scrunchie.

  1. Side ponytail


Side ponytail is a simple variation for a regular ponytail. You can make it by parting the hair slightly on the sideand forming a high ponytail. Secure it with a scrunchie or elastic band. If the child has long and thick hair, you can part the hair in the middle.

These hairstyles for girls are super easy and can be done by the kids themselves when they grow up. Don’t forget to keep their hair moisturized to keep the texture and strength.


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