4 Adorable Hairstyles for Little Boys


All kids are adorable; that’s a fact. Another fact is, you can always take their cuteness to a whole new level. If little girls look pretty wearing buns, bows, or braids, little boys are cute enough with their adorable hairstyles. Get inspired by the following hairstyles that will spice up your little boy’s appearance and make him look more adorable.

  1. Short Quiff

Inspired by the look of Elvis Presley, this hairstyle is arranged by brushing up the front hair. To get this look on your little boy’s face, you need some hair lotion and hairspray. Apply the lotion while brushing his hair to one side. Use the hairspray to keep the style.

  1. Smooth Hipster

It is one of the adorable hairstyles for little boys with an oval-shaped face. The look can be created by shaving the top hair to the one side of the head. Then, to make it look smooth, apply some hair wax to that particular part.

  1. Classic Curly

Looking mess as it is, curly hair always has a special space in the cuteness zone. It is also the most suitable hairstyle for your little boy if he has natural curls. While giving the haircut, save a few inches to let the curls turn on the charm. Put some hair gel if needed, so the hair will look adorably scrunched.

  1. Choppy Kiddie

Great for toddlers, this hairstyle is achieved by bringing all the hair forward, and then brushing the front part to the side. You don’t need to use any gel or hairspray, because all you need to do is letting the hairstyles itself into an attractive sight.

Hope you find an interesting idea after checking up the adorable hairstyles for little boys above.You are always free to add a new variation to the standard haircut to give your kid the best look that he can get.


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