Casual Outfit Ideas to Wear for the Weekend


What is your first thought once you hear the word of weekend? Yes, it is the best time to slow down and put your feet up. Despite so, it doesn’t mean that you can disregard the way you look. No matter how lazy you are, style and fashion should be number one. The following ideas of chic casual outfits are made to inspire you.

  1. Sweatshirt plus Midi Skirt

Arguably, sweatshirt and midi skirt are such a perfect combination when it comes to bringing the casual outfit ideas into reality. The grey top knitted will appear that indefectible with the lemon yellow bottom. In order to be sweeter, wear the white sneakers. Your weekend joy must be fabulous with these lovely items.

  1. Cargo Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Try to mix and match the saggy green jacket inspired from the army uniform, the light T-shirt, as well as the distressed jeans. This eccentric idea will surely lead to extraordinary, casual twist for your outdoor activity during the weekend. To complement this concept, don’t forget to wear the flat leather boots and wide sunglasses.

  1. Leather Jacket and Long Pants

One of the modish casual outfits to wear is none other than the leather jacket. Regardless of your weekend occasion from having brunch with friends or going to the cinema, this apparel has never been tedious. Pair it with the creamy long pants anyway.

  1. Floral Summer Dress

The choice of floral summer dress to lift the sense of being casual totally is appreciated. The vibe of getting lost on the beach is somehow tangible, making your day so easier and more laidback. Flesh out your look with the round sunnies and comfy sandals.

Despite being surrounded by relaxing ambiance, your weekend casual outfits should keep staying in vogue and cool.


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