Caramel Hair Colors You Need to Try This Summer


When summer draws near, it’s time for you to adjust your look to match the bright sky and the pleasant air. In this case, getting a new hair color should be included on your list. While this season comes with greater chance to sit or tan on the beach, caramel hair color will sweeten your face on that occasion. Here are some variations of caramel shades to perfect your summer look.

  1. Sun-dipped Brunette

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming the sun in the summer. You should be ready by applying a sun-dipped light brunette as your ultimate hair color for the season. The caramel shade is placed from the middle part to the end of the hair. It gives the hair a great amount of dimension while accentuating summery feature.

  1. Soft Bronde

Caramel hair color is about the transition from dark to light shade, and soft bronde is one of the best representations of it. As you may notice, bronde blends the color brown and blonde, making the shade does not look too light. This color choice is perfect in highlight as it can match your look if you plan to get a tan on the beach.

  1. Babylights

This hair color is best to put on curls. The caramel highlights on dark shade will give the curls more dimension to look at. Also, they can add gorgeous texture for your wavy hair. Highly recommended for the summer, babylights are listed under the category of goddess highlights.

  1. Shiny Caramel

If you are beyond ready for a stronger shade of summer hair, then shiny caramel color is the right choice for you. This shimmering shade adds the variation to the bronde color by giving shiny, metallic look on the hair strands.

Once you decided which variation of caramel hair color is the best for you, the next thing to do is mark your schedule to go outside and welcome the sun with your brightest look. Happy summer!


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