Beautiful Short Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women


Black women have a wide range of hair types, from wavy to curly and even frizzy. Modern short hairstyles for black women now embrace these natural textures, showing off curls and waves in attractive ways. Many black celebrities have rocked their natural curls in various creative styles, wearing them proudly to various events.


Here are some short haircut ideas to apply if you have typical black women’s hair.

  1. Short curly bob

Curly bob will accentuate natural hair while looking elegant in a classic way. Kerry Washington once rocked this style by styling her hair into slightly messy curls, complete with a side way bang. This style is perfect for a heart-shaped face.

  1. Slightly cropped high curls

If you have tight curls that grow upward, create the elegant look by trimming the low sides (near the ears). Style the rest of the hair upward with some hairspray, and you will achieve a “high hair” look with your short curls, like Kiersey Clemons.

  1. Cropped curls

Maria Borges is the first Victoria Secret’s model that rocked the VS runway with natural afro hair. She used a cropped style that you can copy easily, especially if your hair has tight curls. Just crop the hair close to the head, but make sure to let the curls visible. Keep the hair moisturized for the best look.

  1. “Freestyle” short bob with ringlets

source by pinterest

Ringlets give a cute look in an otherwise simple short bob. Tessa Thompson has shown off this look by creating freestyle, shoulder-length curly bob. She made the ringlets more visible by using curling irons, emphasizing the hairlines.

  1. Voluminous cut for tight curls

If you have really tight and voluminous curls, don’t hide them. Trim the hair, so the lower part is smaller than the top. Brush out the curls and add some little curly bangs. This glorious cut will make you look like Issa Rae.

These short hairstyles for black women will flaunt your natural curls and waves. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair for a maximum look!


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